About Our Warranty

P + P Artec, Inc. hereby warrantees all labor performed and material installed on the stainless steel railings at the above-mentioned job site, in accordance with the scope of work directed in the contract, approved shop drawings, specifications, directed alterations and additions thereto, to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of commencement of use, substantial completion or date of notice of completion, whichever is first to occur:
1. This warranty does not include normal wear and tear, product abuse or contamination including, but not limited to, items caused by conditions outlined in the Interior and Exterior Stainless Steel Railing System Maintenance Guidelines.

2. This warranty does not include damage caused to property, wholly or in part by windstorm, tornado, lightening, hail or other environmental abuse.

3. This warranty becomes null and void in the case of repairs or attempted repairs by anyone other than P + P Artec or one of its authorized representatives.

4. Warranty claims must be made to P + P Artec in writing within 10 days of first knowledge of defect and provide P + P Artec with reasonable time in which examine the warranty claim condition and to make said repairs.
P + P Artec will respond in writing within 24 hours, during normally scheduled business days, with intended course of action.