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Dominic, on paper I thought P&P Artec was a little pricey. After seeing the quality of the product and installation you are a BARGAIN!

- Joe Still, Joe Still Building Company Inc.

I have had great success in the past using Artec railing. I was looking for a railing system for Playboy that incorporated glass and metal. As usual, Artec had a solution and ironically was called the Chicago System. Since Playboy Enterprises was founded in Chicago, it seemed the obvious choice. Again Artec came through on time and budget.

- Glenn Leitch, Architect, Highland Associates, P.C.

The Artec Chicago railing system was selected for its sleek and stream-lined design. The railings harmonize with the modern and luxurious character of the Dr. P. Phillips Hospital lobby.

- Teresa Beers, Vice President, HKS INC, Senior Project Designer

The building reflected a formal academic character while symbolizing the use of technology in education. The sleek and graceful lines of the Artec railing system enhance this imagery with its highly machined fit and finish.

- Architect, QPK Design Architecture, Engineering Site & Planning G.C. at William H. Lane, Inc.

The Chicago Rail was selected for it’s unique flat bar baluster and elegantly designed side mount hardware and trim. It is the perfect compliment to the overall interior design concept for the law library. It is everything you want a stair rail to be – modern, sophisticated and elegant.

- Shane Webster, Small Kane Architects

I had the opportunity to work with Dominic and P&P Artec at the Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital Project in 2006-2007. The level of quality and professional with the focus on safety P&P provided to the project team gave me the confidence that they will do the same for the James A Lovell FHCCA project. My estimation was accurate; P&P did a superb job at the James A Lovell FHCCA and I look forward to working with them again in the future.

- Drew Peterson, Project Manager at Walsh Construction Company

Maintaining views and providing natural daylight throughout the building was an important design aspect of this project and the glass Artec railing provided both.

- Ken Myers, RA, Page Southerland Page Architects

The Double Baluster system was selected for it’s ability to accent and enhance the elliptical shape of the space. The clean, modern look, and detailing of the stainless steel material, while complementing the limestone and brick, gave the lobby space a sophisticated feel necessary for the university.

- Don Dethlefs, Sink Combs Dethlefs

The railing components were high quality, met our aesthetic requirements, were delivered on time, and were reasonably priced. The Artec staff worked with us closely during the design process and followed through with pricing and delivery dates as promised.

- David Battle, Project Architect

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