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Our Modesto System has a stainless steel round baluster tube with clamp style glass fittings. This system utilizes zinc powder coat fittings to offer an affordable alternative to any stainless steel system.

Baluster Infill Guard/Hand Rail Fittings
Stainless Steel RD Tube Glass Stainless Steel RD Tube Stainless Steel
Architectural Brushed Finish Clear, Frosted Polished Finish Brushed
(#4/180G) Other/Specialty As Required (#6/240-400G) Zinc Powder Coated
1.6″ O.D. 5/16″ / 9/16″ 1.5″ X 0.120″ / 1.9″ X 0.083″ See Color Chart or Request Custom

Mounting Options
Welded to Steel Plate/Stringer
Drilled/Tapped Steel Plate/Stringer
Anchored In Substrate

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