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We were pleased to select P & P Artec’s handrail system for it’s precise and engineered look which is very appropriate for the high tech image of the project.

- Lee A. Hill, A.I.A., Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford, Architects, Planners, Interiors

We chose the Modesto Railing System for two reasons. First, we wanted a rail that was transparent to avoid blocking any part of the view of the Hall of Fame sculpture. And secondly, the system provided us a cost effective method to achieve the aesthetic result we desired.

- Alan Cox, AIA V.P., Bullock Smith & Partners

The Modesto Rail System offers technically elegant detail, with the cost economy of pre-engineered components, and accommodates custom articulated glass.

- Jack Janowiak, Partners by Design, Incorporated

We chose the Artec Stainless Steel Railings because of the clean, sleek, contemporary styling. We have been very pleased with their willingness to work with us in this project.

- Mark Robilard, Architect

This railing system was chosen for this project because of its high quality, high tech construction and appearance, which the Owner was trying to achieve throughout this building. This was especially important in the main entrance lobby, where this railing is a prominent feature.

- Harlen J. Stoa, Kwasek Architects, Inc.

The central stair and exterior balconies were such prominent features for our library that we couldn’t take any chances on materials, finishes or final assembly. The Artec Railing Systems assured us high quality where it was important.

- Jeremy A. Jones, Director of Design, DWL Architects + Planners, Inc.

The P & P Artec Double Baluster guardrail system was selected because it gives the owner the look of a custom designed guardrail that fits within the price point of a standard system. We were looking for a highly finished transparent contemporary system that would complement the interior lobby finishes and maintain the design aesthetic established on the exterior of the building. P & P Artec’s attention to details made the Double Baluster a good fit.

- Roger Heerema, AIA Principal, Wright Heerema Architects

We chose P&P Artec Double Baluster railing because of its high tech, sleek styling.

- Gregory Stanford, BBGM Interiors, Inc.

The Riverwoods project is a very contemporary home set in the woods. One concept of the house was to closely integrate the interior with the exterior. To accomplish this we used large expanses of glass. The P&P Artec railing system was selected because it allowed us to continue this transparency to the inside of the house and the finishes and precision details of the components of the railing system are perfectly suited to the details throughout the house.

- Stuart Shayman & Associates

We were extremely pleased with the railing installation. The finished product is fantastic. None of the seams are evident and the client is very pleased.

- Biolosky + Partners Architects

P + P Artec, Inc.

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