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P+P Artec focuses on setting new standards in the design and technology of GREEN Stainless Steel Railings. Stainless Steel has a very long life as a durable substrate, resisting corrosion and oxidation in interior railing systems and exterior railing environments.

P + P Artec LEED Qualification

This is to certify that all stainless steel products by P + P Artec, Inc contain a minimum of 67% post-consumer recycled content.

Post-consumer material is defined as waste material generated by households or by commercial, industrial and institutional facilities in their role as end-users of the product, which can no longer be used for its intended purpose.

Pre-consumer material is defined as material diverted from the waste stream during the manufacturing process. Excluded is reutilization of materials such as rework, regrind or scrap generated in a process and capable of being reclaimed within the same process that generated it.

P + P Artec is pleased to qualify for LEED MR Credit 4.1 and MR Credit 4.2

For more information about Stainless Steel – The GREEN Product,
Green Stainless Steel Catalog

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